Evaluating a business for venture capital investment, M&A or a strategic partnership is a critical process that requires insight into the business’ HR operational model and controls.  A company with the ability to operate responsibly and control its risk has higher potential for delivering on your investment.  Even in the early stages of evaluation, a deep dive into management practices and HR operations will ensure your venture will not be compromised by potential risk issues.  Compliance, employment risk, commitments, documentation and culture are telling areas of a company's ability to responsibly manage capital and scale.  Discovery time in these areas avoids future problems. 

Our expertise in human capital management and operational processes & controls, will ensure that you enter the due diligence phase with confidence. 

Our deep dive into operational areas to identify gaps in controls, missing records, potential risks, and non compliant processes, includes review of current practices against EEOC, FLSA, ERISA, and other regulatory agencies' best practices standards and recommendations.  We can facilitate the shift to full compliance.  Our thorough review of 5500s, employment audits, adherence to plan documents by administrators, contracts, treatment of employees vs. independent contractors and much more, we flush out any oversight issues and help process self corrections or implement missing controls.  With this comprehensive discovery, design and delivery of improvement, you avoid surprises during the due diligence process, saving time and money.  

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Rapid Growth Requires Agility

When a business experiences explosive growth, it often comes with significant increases in headcount.  The organization may be transitioning from several infusions of venture capital to prepare for IPO or just experiencing a product or service takeoff.  

Regardless of the reason, this is an opportunity to strategically set up the business for success.  

Multiple functional areas have to prepare for the cultural, operational and technological upgrades that must take place to facilitate rapid growth.  

Our is comprehensive consultative approach can help your business succeed during a growth phase.  

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Due Diligence - Are you in Control?

One of the most important aspects of an acquisition or equity investment is the human resources due diligence.  

In many cases the investor is taking on  successor liability, and this may include personnel management practices. 

The HR due diligence is an audit process to evaluate human resources policies, procedures and controls, and ensure any  employment risks are identified.  

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Strategy & Innovation

These are a few of our custom knowledge sharing topics.

Human Resources

Human focused & customer centric HR

Aligning HR to the business

Shift from tactical to strategic

Living in the #MeeToo reality

Marijuana in the workplace


Management essentials

Workforce planning

The selection process

Management by objectives

Working in a culture of trust


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Is your business ready?

Demonstrating HR operational efficiency is critical when considering business opportunities. 

WFD's comprehensive package includes:   

  1. Discovery: deep dive analysis of all HR functional areas, including payroll and benefits. 
  2. Design: a presentation of the current state findings and a detailed action plan to bring the business to a “best practices” state. 
  3. Delivery: we provide SME support to implement our recommendations quickly.

Our consultation gives you insight into any problem areas in advance, giving you time to control  the process.

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