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Most businesses experience success through market and revenue growth.  Yet many business don't realize that such success is 100% dependant on strategic personnel management. 


WorkForce Dynamics Consulting is a 3rd party personnel management consultancy firm. We are unique in our space, because we focus on very specific and targeted strategies, with immediate financial impact to your our clients. 

Some areas of focus include due diligence audits related to employment complaints, buy/sell  or M&A activities, design of personnel operations for domestic and multinational new businesses, and strategic support for more mature organizations or C-level team members. 

For a complimentary initial consultation please email: info@wfd-consulting.

We've been successful in driving results for our clients in the following areas:

Personnel Due Diligence

HR Tech Design and Implementation

Process & Policy Alignment   

Policy Positioning 

Change Management During Critical Periods

Designing Workspace Models 



Employment Risk

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What is HRP?

Understanding your options for HRP

Human resource planning, or HRP, is the ongoing, continuous process of systematic planning to achieve optimum use of an organization's most valuable asset — its human resources. The objective of human resource planning is to ensure your personnel lifecycle is efficiently run. From hiring best fit top performers by managing the selection process, designing best in class HR strategies for a dynamic workplace, to supporting downsizing and other compliance related activities.

Solutions for your business

Evaluate your HR operations to reach a high level of operational efficiency.

Let us put together a proposal that will deliver value and save you money.

For a limited time, take advantage of our complementary mini assessment of your  HR operations. 

Our Client

Realistic Perspective

Understands that to build a world class organization management and personnel practices must be best in class.

Capital investment

Investor , CEO or other stakeholder with a vested interest in ensuring the company's capital is used  to build  better products, world class service and competitive advantage. 

Vision for the future

A leader who wants success for the business, cares for the company and protects its commercial brand.

How can we help you?

Rapid Growth Requires Agility

When a business experiences explosive growth, it often comes with significant increases in headcount.  The organization may be transitioning from several infusions of venture capital to prepare for IPO or just experiencing a product or service takeoff.  

Regardless of the reason, this is an opportunity to strategically set up the business for success.  

Multiple functional areas have to prepare for the cultural, operational and technological upgrades that must take place to facilitate rapid growth.  

Our is comprehensive consultative approach can help your business succeed during a growth phase.  

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Due Diligence - Are you in Control?

One of the most important aspects of an acquisition or equity investment is the human resources due diligence.  

In many cases the investor is taking on  successor liability, and this may include personnel management practices. 

The HR due diligence is an audit process to evaluate human resources policies, procedures and controls, and ensure any  employment risks are identified.  

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Strategy & Innovation

These are a few of our custom knowledge sharing topics.

Human Resources

Human focused & customer centric HR

Aligning HR to the business

Shift from tactical to strategic

Living in the #MeeToo reality

Marijuana in the workplace


Management essentials

Workforce planning

The selection process

Management by objectives

Working in a culture of trust


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