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Our Methodology


During the discovery phase we gather necessary information and dig deep into the details of what is important to our client's business success. The scope and depth of our research differs from project to project, but the results are the same: valuable data. The more we understand the business, the more successful our solutions. During this phase, we interview, assess and perform risk analysis to identify threats and vulnerabilities in management and personnel practices. We help leadership understand the most critical outcomes of our discovery. 


In the design phase we produce our strategy roadmap. During this phase we establish best practices to follow, align policies, automate processes or create custom clear standards to ensure the most functional solutions. We help the business build a differentiated employee experience that drives engagement, optimizes performance and helps achieve results. This breakthrough shift takes management to adaptive thinking for an effective, intuitive, and engaging employee experience. This synergy helps leap from transactional management to a strategic, role oriented and experience-focused human capital management. The business can then align people with growth. 


The delivery phase is fun and exciting! Here we teach stakeholders how to drive the strategy forward, by rethinking how they work, and engineering competencies focused on navigating disruptive change, while proactively driving game changing breakthroughs from our discovery and design. The business rolls out redesigned policies, procedures, and practice standards. Our emphasis is always on empowering clients. 

We've been successful in driving results for our clients in the following areas:

Management & Personnel

HR Tech Design and Implementation

Process & Policy Alignment
HR Outsourcing   

Change Management 

Workspace Models 

Learning & Development
Employer Brand 


Employment Risk

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What is HRP?

Understanding your options for HRP

Human resource planning, or HRP, is the ongoing, continuous process of systematic planning to achieve optimum use of an organization's most valuable asset — its human resources. The objective of human resource planning is to ensure your personnel lifecycle is efficiently run. From hiring best fit top performers by managing the selection process, designing best in class HR strategies for a dynamic workplace, to supporting downsizing and other compliance related activities.

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Our Client

Realistic Perspective

Understands that to build a world class organization management and personnel practices must be best in class.

Capital investment

Investor , CEO or other stakeholder with a vested interest in ensuring the company's capital is used  to build  better products, world class service and competitive advantage. 

Vision for the future

A leader who wants success for the business, cares for the company and protects its commercial brand.

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