Is your business ready for growth?

All organizations face similar challenges when it comes to scaling for growth. Whether you are a start-up, mid-size enterprise or somewhere in between, your cost per FTE continues to rise as your talent pool continues to shrink. How do you scale for growth under these circumstances?CEO’s loose sleep over this problem because they understand that successful growth is closely tied to hiring and retaining top talent. This is a key factor in achieving a world class organization. Putting a well designed people-centric strategy in place has never been more important. Yet, the complexity of arriving at the right strategy can often hinder a company’s ability to succeed. Internal HR departments don’t have the perspective or bandwidth to envision these solutions.

Our consulting business brings a fresh perspective and designs custom strategies for companies.

At the core we focus on three critical elements: 

  1. The right dynamics to enable the HR department to step out of transactional and into much more strategic roles.
  2. Balancing the needs of the business by designing the right model for hiring top talent to meet those needs.
  3. Blending our custom solutions to promote positive directional change, with a cadence of activities to support it.

We leverage our experience to help our clients become fundamentally ready in their management and personnel areas. This allows them to focus on the business and long-term goals.    

Our value proposition is simple _ _ design strategies to help the business attract the kind of talent that will build better products, provide world class service and give the company a competitive edge in its markets. 

WorkForce Dynamics Consulting, helps businesses, achieve "best practices" and strategic innovation in human capital management. 

Why businesses should make people a strategic priority

Organizations today understand that a fundamental step in positioning the business for success is intelligent capital allocation across strategic priorities. Whether in products, customers, a new ERP implementation or pursuits outside the organization such as M&A activities, the company generally funds strategic priorities that drive growth. Building better products, providing world class service, integrating applications to manage and automate the business, or investing in companies that are complementary to the organization, are all sound capital investments.  

But often times organizations fail to see that people are also a strategic priority. Without people building products, managing relationships or optimizing an ERP system, investments in these areas will not reach full potential. Acquisition of top talent in M&A transactions is almost never the top priority. Yet an organization’s human capital is without doubt its greatest resource.  

People who build your products, foster great relationships, and use systems effectively to control costs and mitigate risk for the business are indispensable drivers of growth. When these employees leave, your organization is left with capacity, knowledge and skills gaps that are costly to fill. This in turn erodes the capital investment made in products, customers and systems. In this sense, employees must always be a top strategic priority for the company.   

Just like capital investment allocated to product development, client engagement or implementation of systems, funding projects that increase employee retention are important. The human resources function can fuel elements that make up a world class culture, where employees don’t just stay but thrive. But this requires a roadmap and most HR departments are too limited in capacity to design it. They lack the bandwidth to focus on designing the kinds of strategies that enrich the employee experience and contribute to building a strong culture. Investing in discovery, design and delivery of strategies for your HR department to use, inclusive of elements that drive engagement, efficiency and best practices, is an investment that pays for itself through optimized company performance, risk and cost controls, and has profound long term effects.  

Businesses that fund investment in well designed HR strategies, will indeed be ensuring the success of capital investments in many other strategic priorities.  

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October 30, 2018


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Medical Marijuana is legal in the sunshine state.

Cases of discrimination are rising in FL. 

Employers in the state of Florida are subject to federal law requirements to provide a safe workplace.  However, state law now allows marijuana use for medical purposes.   Mishandling state level protections for medical use, may land FL employer in court.  This is  creating confusion for employers in the sunshine state. 

Join us next week as we try to clarify this complex situation. 

Medical your business ready?

ICE Steps Up I-9 Audits

This year Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has increased the number of Notices of Inspection issued to employers nationwide, leading to significant increases in I-9 audits. 

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Fills Supreme Court Seat

Is this good for employers? Many say you can bet on it. 

ABC Test Could Be Applied Retroactively. What Does This Mean?

A Supreme Court decision in California a few months ago, has fundamentally become a  game changer for employers.


State Court Concludes ABC Test Should Be Applied Retroactively

This is the  "test" to determine whether workers are independent contractors or employees. The determined it should be applied retroactively. 

In other words, this sets a precedence for businesses to be held liable for years of possible wage and hour violations. 

2019 Federal & State labor changes are already in effect, have you updated your employee handbook?

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South Florida Business Journal's Critical Conversations in HealthCare


South Florida business leaders gathered at the Business Journal’s Miami office on Oct. 21 to discuss present-day challenges, triumphs and what may lie ahead as part of Critical Conversations in Health Care. Critical Conversations is the Business Journal’s ongoing series examining key issues in business.

2018 HRABC Conference.

Today, HR capabilities must enable the success of the business’ strategy.

Transforming HR to Execute on Today's Deliverables. Today, HR capabilities must enable the success of the business’ strategy. 

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Florida has legalized medical cannabis - Is your business ready?


The Florida medical marijuana market is fast becoming one of the largest in the nation. How is your HR team managing this medical marijuana in the workplace?