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Rapid Growth Requires Agility


When a business experiences explosive growth, it often comes with significant increases in headcount.  

The organization may be transitioning from several infusions of capital to prepare for IPO or just experiencing a product or service takeoff.  

Regardless of the reason, this is an opportunity to strategically set up the business for success.  

Our strategic consulting can help businesses successfully scale during a growth phase.  

Buy/Sell _ A Time To Minimize Risks


One of the most important areas of a business acquisition or equity investment is the people due diligence.  

In many cases the buyer is taking on  successor liability in employment practices. 

A strategic approach to the due diligence process  ensures any employment risks are fully identified and contingencies are evaluated. 

Modernizing People Strategies


Compensation packages are a key talent acquisition and retention tool for businesses. 

Yet many employers feel they can't compete because their pay scales are lower than market. This is simply not true. 

There are many elements to a true compensation package in addition to pay that can bridge the competitive gap for employers.  

It is time to understand  current state vs. the potential future state, when it comes to competing for talent.   

Creating innovation

Working with a 3rd party consultant.

Most businesses experience success through market and revenue growth.  

Yet many business don't realize that such success is 100% dependent on a sound people strategy . 


WorkForce Dynamics Consulting is a 3rd party strategic consulting firm unique in our space, because we focus on very specific and targeted strategies with immediate operational and financial impact to your business. 

To request an initial consultation contact us: info@wfd-consulting.

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Evaluating a business for capital investment, M&A or any form of strategic partnership is a critical process that requires insight into the people operations.  

A company with the ability to operate responsibly and control its risk has higher potential for delivering on your investment.  

Even in the early stages of evaluation, a deep dive into management practices and people operations will ensure your investment will not be compromised by potential risk issues.  These are telling areas of a company's ability to responsibly manage capital and scale. 

We will ensure that you enter the due diligence phase with confidence.