People Strategy

What would it be like if every one of your employees aligned behind your vision for success?


What if your management team had a playbook to promote the right behaviors, attitudes and habits that improve performance?


What if each of your employees was an ambassador and promoter of your brand?

Organizational Alignment

Would you be more successful if you  consistently increased and retained the high potential talent of your organization?


What would it be like if sales, product, client success and scalability were more consistent and predictable?

Due Diligence

What if you were confident that operating risks that could hinder  future business growth were identified? 

What we do

WorkForce Dynamics Consulting partners with businesses to implement game-changing strategies that integrate and align people behind every visionary initiative for unprecedented business performance.  Our clients value people, brand and growth. This helps them maintain leadership in their markets. 

Strategic Consulting and Advising: we work with leadership to design and implement very specific and targeted strategies that have immediate operational, cultural and financial impact to the business. We assess current state operations and recommend strategies that guide employees to make the necessary shifts in attitudes, mindsets, habits and decisions, to positively impact company performance.  

Due Diligence Assessments:  our comprehensive due diligence assessment reviews 50 areas of importance, ranging from leadership effectiveness, management, team strength, HR operating practices and adherence with FLSA, DOL, ERISA and other agencies' requirements.  We analyze the organization's potential for attracting talent and opportunities to increase their ability to scale and achieve financial success.

Preparing to buy: Once the LOI is signed a buyer will engage us to begin the due diligence work.  The buyer gains a deep understanding about how the company is managed, and insight into potential risks associated with successor liability.  The seller has an opportunity to improve any deficiencies on their own or with our assistance.  Together the buyer and seller agree, based on transparency and trust, on the degree of resolutions.

Preparing to sell: The same assessment can be engaged by a seller sometime prior to prospecting for buyers.  In this case, the assessment is a practice run to uncover leadership challenges, gaps and other deficiencies that can impact the sale.  We ensure  operational functions, internal processes and controls, as well as compliance are well managed and not at risk. This process increases the value of the organization and gives both the seller and buyer confidence and a swift financed transaction.

Preparing for financing:  whether we are engaged by the company that is preparing for the next round of financing or the investor that is considering a potential investment, our process is the same.  It ensures investors' due diligence will be successful and satisfactory.  The investor, gains confidence that the entity they are considering is professionally managed and their investment will be used to fund product development,, services or increase customer loyalty, not settle claims or other risks.

We have an extended network of recommendable service providers and regularly work with strategic partners and other third-party consultants or attorneys to support our client


World-class companies focus on and design people strategies because they recognize that real success requires all employees to understand what the strategic plan mean to them in order to be inspired and deliver their best performance. 

If you're leading a competitive company you likely have a clear marketing strategy, product strategy and sales strategy. 

But what about a strategy for your company's most valuable asset, your people? 


  • Attracting the kind of talent shareholders expect in a tight labor market
  • Engaging employees to reach their full performance potential
  • Changing behaviors and attitudes to positively impact organizational culture
  • Retaining high potential employees from being poached by competitors
  • Breaking silos and getting teams to embrace agile management techniques
  • Making critical choices about people, roles, accountabilities
  • Providing cost effective compensation programs that reward professionals with the right competencies
  • Creating holistic and achievable paths towards skill development within the organization
  • Managing labor compliance and risk in today's multicultural work environment
  • Identifying and nurturing leadership ready high performers to ensure long-term succession